Fly El Al!

The food’s not bad, and they keep you safe from terrorists and their Brit cop agents.

Lawyers for the victims of an alleged Israeli war criminal criticised British police today for allowing him to slip through the net.

Major-General Doron Almog avoided arrest in September 2005 after he was tipped off that officers planned to detain him on landing at Heathrow airport.

He refused to leave his El Al flight, and remained on board for two hours before returning to Israel…

Detective Superintendent John MacBrayne, in charge of the operation, was unable to confirm whether his team had a right to board after El Al refused them entry.

He wrote: “Another consideration (was) that El Al flights carried armed air marshals, which raised issues around public safety.

“There was also no intelligence as to whether Mr Almog would have been travelling with personal security as befitted his status, armed or otherwise.”

This confirms my experience that the only way to get treated decently at Heathrow is to have a heavily armed guard.

Actually, I’ve only proved the negative, but, heh, it’s junk science month!

Speaking of which, Jerusalem just got clobbered with another snowfall.


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