Proscribing Islam

Brits have huge problems with some of their Islamic immigrants – oppression of women, insurrection, violent suppression of Brits’ right to free speech, and hatred of the nation that feeds them.

Muslim immigrants were welcomed to the UK because, since the 18th century, that nation has supported religious freedom. But while many Muslims have integrated into the host nation, a large minority seek to seize control of it.

This situation was foreseen by John Locke, writing in 1689 (see here, p 56, Free Press edition):

Another more secret evil, but more dangerous to the commonwealth, is when men arrogate to themselves, and to those of their own sect, some peculiar prerogative, covered over with a specious show of deceitful words, but in effect opposite to the civil rights of the community.

For example: we cannot find any sect that teaches expressly and openly that men are not obliged to keep their promise; that princes may be dethroned that differ from them in religion; or that the domination of all things belongs only to themselves…But nevertheless, we find those that say the same things in other words…

These therefore, and the like, who attribute unto the faithful, religious, and orthodox, that is in plain terms, unto themselves, any particular privilege or power over other mortals, in civil concernments; or who, upon pretence of religion, do challenge any manner of authority over such as are not associated with them in their ecclesiastical communion; I say these have no right to be tolerated by the magistrates; as neither those that will not own the duty of tolerating all men in matters of mere religion.

For what do all these and the like doctrines signify, but that they may, and are ready upon any occasion to seize the government of the estates and fortunes of their fellow-subjects; and that they only ask leave to be tolerated by the magistrates so long, until they find themselves strong enough to effect it.

This neatly to describes the current situation in the UK, and polls suggest Locke’s suggestion that Islam should not be tolerated would be welcomed by most Brits.

That won’t happen now, since both government and opposition are pusillanimous.

But political and economic stresses will soon cause Brits to elect a harder breed of men and women, who will follow Locke’s advise.

That might mean the removal of mosques, denial of state funding and employment of Muslims, and mass incarceration and deportation.

Any peaceful adherents of Islam living in the UK can avert this catastrophe by clearly separating themselves from those who believe “that the domination of all things belongs only to themselves”.


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