Avoid Google

Google has ceased to censor news about UN corruption. That good, but it’s a reminder that it’s not just the MSM that censors, and the distortion is not just to airbrush terrorists and harm the US.

Google, up to it’s evil tricks:

Google News quietly reinstated Tuesday the articles of a news service that routinely exposes U.N. corruption, a day after FOXNews.com ran a story about the Internet giant’s decision to remove Inner City Press from its search engine…

Someone complained to Google early this month that Inner City Press was a one-man operation, violating the Google News ground rule that news organizations listed must have two or more employees, according to Gabriel Stricker, a Google spokesman.

Lee, who insists his organization has appropriate staff, believes someone within the U.N. pressured Google to drop him. U.N. spokesman David Morrison called the allegations preposterous.

Google said the “de-listing” was due to a misunderstanding and agreed to restore Inner City Press stories to the Google News service.

The reaction to the de-listing, however temporary, had been furious. The non-profit Government Accountability Project lambasted the company, calling Inner City Press “the most effective and important media organization for U.N. whistleblowers”.

In fact the UN fights tooth and nail to hide its corruption from the (mostly US) people that pay for it. It perpetrated the biggest fraud in history and took no responsibility for it, and needs to hide that to maintain the fat-cat lifestyles of its corrupt secretariat

Anyway, thanks to Fox News, this censorship was stopped, but there’ll be plenty more they’ll be blocking, including:

1. Science refuting man-made global warming.

2. Negative stories about rich and/or powerful dictatorships – China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia.

3. Science undermining Darwinism.

4. Science showing differences between sexes, nations, and religions.

5. Plus of course anything confirming that the US has won in Iraq, or that the current president is an honest and competent man.

The solution is to use other search engines – I use Ask, but there are plenty of others.

And I’ve added The Inner City Press to the DU blogroll.


2 Responses to Avoid Google

  1. Paulie says:

    Science undermining Darwinism? What are you talking about?

  2. gandalf says:


    Karl Popper tells us (and I agree) that the feature that distinguishes the Scientific method from other belief systems is its encouragement of criticism.

    Conversely, you can spot an unscientific belief system masquerading as science by it’s intolerance of criticism – AGW is a current example.

    Darwinism is a 19th century belief system that, like Marxism, predates modern mathematics, and depends on vanishingly improbable event chains. I learned this to my cost by spending my formative years trying to use simulated evolutionary processes as a design tool.

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