America’s Shame

Ms. Rice wants more US cultural exchanges with, and visits from, North Korea. That makes her breathtakingly naive or a cynical appeaser – either way she’s betraying the 23 million poor devils suffering under that Fear State.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the United States should consider future cultural exchanges with North Korea, even if last year’s deal to end the North’s nuclear programs falls through.

Speaking in Beijing minutes after the New York Philharmonic played “The Star-Spangled Banner” for the Communist Party elite in Pyongyang, North Korea, Miss Rice said cultural programs would help promote the North’s “opening to the rest of the world.”

“I’d like to see North Koreans come to the United States,” she told reporters during an East Asian tour aimed at breaking the latest nuclear impasse.

Reporters asked Miss Rice whether future cultural exchanges should be arranged even if an October agreement in six-nation talks collapses.

Miss Rice replied: “I believe that cultural exchange is something that we ought to be looking at in any case.”

Natan Sharansky’s definitive book analyzes how Fear States work, based on his life in the Soviet Union. In such states a small group of thugs use their monopoly of force exclusively to enrich themselves and their supporters.

The controlling group is small (about 200,000 in Iran) and it runs all the businesses, takes all luxury goods, uses all foreign exchange, and gets the bulk of educational and medical services (Saddam spent the UN’s oil for food money for breast implants for his supporters’ women, not antibiotics for kids).

The left believes in the benevolent dictator – for example Castro – but it’s a myth:

…a Cuban-American anti-Castro activist, claims, partially based on the testimonials of defectors who were close to Castro, that Castro and his loyalists control several billions of dollars in real estate, bank accounts, private estates, yachts and other assets — called “the Comandante’s Reserves” — in Europe, Latin America and Asia – and a luxurious lifestyle for the top Cuban leadership.

Here’s how it works in North Korea:

Multiple international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, accuse North Korea of having one of the worst human rights records of any nation.

North Koreans have been referred to as “some of the world’s most brutalized people”, regarding their severe restrictions on political and economic freedoms.

North Korean defectors have testified to the existence of prison and detention camps with an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 inmates, and have reported torture, starvation, rape, murder, medical experimentation, forced labour, and forced abortions.

Fear State thugs use every perk available to cement the loyalty of their supporters – the audience for the New York Philharmonic’s shameful performance in Pyongyang will have been all-thug.

And the North Korean dictatorship will ensure that all of its citizens Rice allows into the US will also be thugs, bent on self enrichment, espionage, and criminality.

By providing the dictator with the means to reward his supporters, Rice perpetuates the enslavement of a suffering people.

In our lifetimes, the US has five times overthrown dictatorships by the only means that works: steadfast opposition and, where necessary, force.

Ms Rice shames her nation, and the sooner she goes, the better.


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