England’s Little Hitlers

To my parents’ generation, the Little Hitler was a common Brit type – the sadistic and abusive official, who flourished in the hierarchical society adopted in and after WW2. Sadly, they didn’t die out when society opened up – they’re now social workers and RSPCA officials. Plus the current Brit government.

There’s a very good movie portrait of a Little Hitler in It Happened Here, which examines how Brits might have dealt with Nazis occupation.

One huge nest of Little Hitlers – social workers, lawyers, and judges – specializes in taking newborn babies to meet government adoption targets. Little Hitlers thrive in darkness, and so the “family” courts authorizing thousands of such takings every year protect themselves with absolute secrecy – it’s a criminal offense to identify the court, judge, social workers, lawyers, expert witnesses, court proceedings, and defendants.

Other Little Hitler social workers, seem to have run a massive child abuse operation on the island of Jersey:

At least four secret underground chambers exist in the former children’s home at the centre of the Jersey child abuse scandal, detectives fear…

Victims at the home, where 160 people claim they were abused, have described an underground “punishment room”…

The revelation of the greater extent of the underground network came as it was confirmed that a victim in the sex scandal has been intimidated by a former care worker to stop him giving evidence…

There are now growing fears among islanders that some teaching staff and social workers come to Jersey because they see vulnerable young local girls and boys as “easy pickings”.

Then there are the Little Hitlers at the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the Brit version of ASPCA:

Parliament Square saw a highly unusual demonstration on February 13. Robed Hindu priests joined with farmers and animal lovers to protest at the killing by the RSPCA of a sacred cow, Gangotri, at a Hindu temple in Hertfordshire.

Two months before, the RSPCA had been invited to examine the cow, which had been injured by a bull and was being tended by vets. The RSPCA returned hours later, claiming to hold a court warrant, to give the cow a lethal injection. The Hindus were horrified. The following day the RSPCA applied for the warrant that it had claimed to have already.

As Gangotri’s ashes were being scattered on the Ganges, the demonstration in London widened into a general protest against what many people, including specialist lawyers and vets, regard as the high-handed actions of RSPCA officials. As one of our biggest charities, with donations of more than £100 million a year, it relies on massive favourable media coverage, reinforced every time it brings criminal prosecutions against animal abusers.

However, in a succession of recent cases, the courts have severely criticised the methods used by the RSPCA to mount such prosecutions, against people who were wholly innocent of the serious charges brought against them.

The RSPCA uses the social worker model of predation on the vulnerable by going after a pacifist Hindu group – you can bet they’d never have whacked a Muslim sacred cow (if such were to exist).

Then there are the Little Hitlers in the current Brit government who dare to demand money with menaces:

The heads of the biggest gas and electricity companies are being ordered by the Government to hand over part of their multi-billion pound profits – or face a new windfall tax.

Probably many social workers, RSPCA officials, and government pols are decent people. But these unmonitored and uncontrolled organizations provide excellent bases for predators, and the Brits have been unable to stop them flooding in.

Near term help may come from the EU. Currently Brits arrested for any offense – including 10-year-old kids – have DNA samples forcibly taken and put on a database (the biggest in the world) that’s available to all arms of government. Which keep those records for 100 years, even if charges are withdrawn or they’re acquitted.

If the technology had been available in 1939, the real Little Hitler would have done the same.

Two Brits who were cleared of crimes have appealed to the European Court of Justice (my ellipsis):

To keep (DNA) records of innocent people, the court heard, was a breach of the European Human Rights Convention, which guarantees “respect for private life” and the “prohibition of discrimination”.

Let’s hope they win.

But, long term, the EU is just another undemocratic and statist elite, and Brits would swap one bunch of Little Hitlers for another.

So they will just have to take their own state back, and fortunately, that isn’t too hard – details in a later post.


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