A US Lesson For Brits

Brits once sneered at the “crudeness” of US politics, claiming their own more mature setup produces better leaders.

But now the US has three stress-tested candidates for President that “we the people” can choose between, and Brits are governed by an unelected coward.

So sneer no more.

Consider John McCain:

John McCain clinched the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday, an extraordinary comeback for a candidate whose White House hopes were dashed eight years ago and whose second bid was left for dead eight months ago.

Plus he fought off a New York Times sliming with courage and dignity.

Then there’s Clinton, who lost front runner status to Obama, was written-off by the MSM, but kept on fighting. Today she’s back in contention.

The newbie Obama has deployed superior oratical and political skills to move himself to the front of the pack.

Having seen these three under fire, the American people can reasonably conclude that each is courageous and steadfast – essential characteristics for a good leader. Now the people can examine their different policies before making their pick.

By contrast, here’s all Brown had to do to get to lead the Brits:

The handover of power from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown today is a carefully choreographed process which should culminate in the new Prime Minister entering Number 10 shortly after 2.30pm…

Between 1.30pm and 2pm, the Chancellor is expected to get the summons to go to the Palace to be invited to become Prime Minister.

Brown’s elevation makes the election of new Russian president seem a model of democracy – at least Russians got to vote.

And because of the weakness in the Brit process, they’re stuck with a bully:

In March 2007 Brown’s character was attacked by Lord Turnbull who worked for Brown as Permanent Secretary at the Treasury from 1998 to 2002. Turnbull accused Brown of running the Treasury with “Stalinist ruthlessness” and treating Cabinet colleagues with “more or less complete contempt”.

Like all bullies, he victimizes the weak while appeasing the strong.

That makes him neither courageous nor steadfast, and when the Brits rewrite their constitution, they should ensure it includes a grueling primary system for candidates for high office.


2 Responses to A US Lesson For Brits

  1. dearieme says:

    On the other hand, the American system produced Clinton I and Bush II; the British produced Thatcher. And the French de Gaulle and the German Adeneur. When last did the American system produce someone of the stature of Churchill?

  2. gandalf says:


    I don’t argue that courage and fortitude are sufficient, but they are necessary!

    And I agree that Churchill is unequaled, although I wonder if he’s be electable now – he had weight, drink, and smoking problems, and was beastly to idiots…

    Indeed a good test of a reformed constitution is whether it would enable a Churchill to be elected.

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