The Silence Of The Brit MSM

Brits won’t know from their MSM that their Parliament just folded to the EU. Foreigners are better informed – here are today’s stories.

London Times Online

Global edition doesn’t mention it, preferring to report:

Patrick Swayze, the actor famed for his role in the 1987 hit movie Dirty Dancing, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

It’s UK News reported the historic event from the perspective of a minor soft-left opposition party:

MEP defends Lib Dem leader after three frontbenchers resign in defiance of party order to abstain on referendum vote

London Daily Telegraph Online

At 11:49 GMT, lead story was:

Its second story reports:

London Independent

No news story on front page, just an opinion link asserting:

Tories and Lib Dems have managed to achieve one thing: no one will ever want to hear the word “referendum” again.

The biggest tabloid, the Daily Mirror, doesn’t cover the story.

So much for the nation the gave the world The Rights of Man.

They do things better in the nation that now does the heavy lifting to keep us free.

The Wall Street Journal Online

An OpEd:

The British Parliament’s vote last night not to stage a national referendum on the EU’s new Lisbon Treaty might not, on its own, cost Gordon Brown the premiership whenever he finally faces the voters.

But it will be added to the growing pile of evidence that he is more cautious and calculating a leader than many Britons would care to have in Number 10.The crux of the parliamentary debate was whether the Lisbon Treaty, which Mr. Brown’s Labour government supports, is tantamount to the failed EU constitution.

The Prime Minister argues that it isn’t and that he therefore isn’t honor-bound to hold a popular vote, as Britain’s three major political parties all pledged in 2005. Yet the reading of many — including other European heads of government — is that Lisbon is essentially the same as the constitution that died in the ballot boxes of France and Holland nearly three years ago.

The New York Sun

Leads with an opinion piece by Daniel Johnson:

Last evening the House of Commons voted by 311 to 248 against holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which is the European Constitution under another name.

By breaking the promise of a referendum they had given at the time of the 2005 election, Gordon Brown’s Labour government and its liberal allies, in effect, voted to hand over another large chunk of British sovereignty to the European Union…

Now that all the members of the E.U. have been denied a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (except for Ireland), citizens are demanding that their representatives should indeed represent the views of those who elected them.

Thus are Brits are deceived into submission, while their friends look on aghast.


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