Game Over

The EU elite’s Lisbon treaty rather elegantly terminates the sovereignty of the UK and all other member states with a pernicious programing trick – it’s self modifying.

The trick:

…the Lisbon treaty contains the passerelle, a self-amending clause that this Government has never challenged. This will let the Council of Ministers abolish national vetoes without any new treaty, and without full scrutiny by Parliament. So Wednesday night may have marked the last time that we will ever see such debate in the Commons.

Here’s how it works:

The Passerelle Clause, also known as the Escalator Clause, is a clause within treaties of the European Union that allows the European Council to decide unanimously to replace unanimous voting in the Council of Ministers with qualified majority voting (QMV) in specified areas.

Certain matters in the Council of Ministers are decided by unanimous voting and certain by qualified majority voting. The distinction is laid down in treaties and cannot normally be changed without a new treaty. Under the passerelle clause, voting on certain areas can switch from unanimity to QMV if the European Council unanimously approves this. This decision cannot be later reversed without treaty change.

The European Council is:

…comprised of EU heads of state or government.

So Brown can irreversibly give up UK control of its foreign policy, taxation, and armed forces.

He’s a coward, so he’ll do that – then the Brits must submit or fight.


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