Death Of A Nation

Oddly, now the UK elite has ceded Brit sovereignty to the EU, it’s making the UK into a parody of Orwell’s 1984. Maybe that’s to prove to Brits that the EU is now the only way to preserve their freedoms.

First, they’re pushing ahead with their National Identity scheme:

All British citizens will have their fingerprints and photographs registered on a national ID database within 10 years under plans outlined by the Government.

Millions in sensitive jobs, including teachers, carers and health workers, will be among the first to be entered on to the identity register.

In a bid to kick start the project – the world’s biggest – foreign nationals working in Britain will begin to be issued with cards from November.

The database will accessible by 5 million or so Brit “public servants” (cops, immigration, security service, council officials, welfare bureaucrats, healthcare workers, terrorists, etc) and will hold 50 items of information on each person, plus biometric details.

Brown won’t say if his cards will be compulsory, but the scheme can’t work without compulsion.

Foreign visitors who stay over 3 months also have to register.

This puts the final bullet through the head of Brit democracy, and will for sure be upgraded to carry DNA details, using the database the government is covertly collecting:

A university student has been forced to give his DNA to police because he failed to buy a £2.40 rail fare.

(A cop said) “It is standard procedure that anyone arrested has their fingerprints and DNA recorded”.

Brit cops can arrest anyone without charging them, and, as the cop says, that lets them take a DNA sample, by force if if necessary. So now the Brit regime has the biggest DNA database in the world.

To accustom Brits to oppression, Brown’s crew is going to fingerprint them whenever they try to catch a plane:

Millions of British airline passengers face mandatory fingerprinting before being allowed to board flights when Heathrow’s Terminal 5 opens later this month…

The controversial security measure is also set to be introduced at Gatwick, Manchester and Heathrow’s Terminal 1, and many airline industry insiders believe fingerprinting could become universal at all UK airports within a few years.

All four million domestic passengers who will pass through Terminal 5 annually after it opens on March 27 will have four fingerprints taken, as well as being photographed, when they check in.

This is just a power play, since it can’t work. Machine-read fingerprints are about 80% reliable (the reader on my high-end laptop is only 40%), which makes a 5 finger match 32% likely. So airports will either have to ignore mismatches, or ground 2 in 3 customers.

These measures make the UK the most spied-upon nation in the world; will cost I estimate about $40 billion, that will come from the budget of Brown’s pet hate, the Brit military; and won’t increase security or cut illegal immigration (since those depend on authority to acting on intel, not just collecting it).

So, as with the loss of their sovereignty, Brits face a choice between submission, flight, or fight.

Brit fighters should start with the EU, since these measures make the UK the most oppressive state in the EU, and arguably violate the European Convention on Human Rights.

Those who won’t submit or fight now have a timescale for quitting the UK – foreigners should leave by November They’re also being hit with new taxes by then, so this is a no-brainer.

Brits who decide on the flight option must acquire non-UK citizenship well before 2017. Since the (Anglosphere) nations worth moving to have significant waiting periods for citizenship, that means starting this year.


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