Stages of Warmist Denial

It’s still cold – 40s – here in central Italy and we have snow on the tops of the mountains. But that’s nothing to the cold elsewhere, which raises the question of how long the warmist crowd will hang in there before they (as it were) melt into shadows.

It’s been a very hard winter:

Last week, virtually unreported in Britain, the extraordinary winter weather of 2008 elsewhere in the world continued. In the USA, there were blizzards as far south as Texas and Arkansas, while in northern states and Canada what they are calling “the winter from hell” has continued to break records going back in some cases to 1873. Meanwhile in Asia more details emerged of the catastrophe caused by the northern hemisphere’s greatest snow cover since 1966.

In Afghanistan, where they have lost 300,000 cattle, the human death toll has risen above 1,500. In China, the havoc created by what its media call “the Winter Snow Disaster” has continued, not least in Tibet, where six months of snow and record low temperatures have killed 500,000 animals, leaving 3 million people on the edge of starvation.

Warmists say this is just the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), and we’ll be back to warming any day soon. But nobody understands or can predict ENSO – there are seven major competing theories.

If we are headed in to the next ice age, the ENSO alibi suggests warmists will hang in there against the evidence longer than we’d expected – here’s a possible schedule:

For 1 year: “ENSO”.

For 2 years: “Normal weather variation”.

For 3 years: “The science is settled”.

For 4 years: “Climate science deals with the long term”.

For 5 years: “CO2 is a poison, so we have to tax it anyway”.

For 6 years: “Oh look, a squirrel with bird flu! We’re all doomed!”


One Response to Stages of Warmist Denial

  1. Jeff Crump says:

    For 6 years: “Oh look, a squirrel with bird flu! We’re all doomed!”

    That one made me laugh out loud. Every thing is caused by Global Warming(TM).

    Global Warming(TM) a trademark of AlgoreInc.

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