Irish Freedom

Brits remain submissive as their pusillanimous elite cedes their nation to the EU. Only the Irish show fighting spirit.

Here’s the astounded WSJ (my ellipsis):

With all the effort put into avoiding referendums, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that EU politicians are trying to pull a fast one on their voters.

On the one hand, they’re selling Lisbon as a grand reform treaty that propels Europe out of the malaise that followed the French and Dutch no votes (on the EU Constitution). On the other, they say the treaty is a small tightening-up exercise that doesn’t require a return to the ballot box. Which is it?

EU partisans find it hard to make a persuasive case for the treaty, except to trot out the tired argument that “good Europeans” would support whatever EU leaders think up. To which an antitreaty jingle making the rounds in Ireland offers a proper response:

You’re not saying no to Europe when you vote this treaty down.

You’re saying yes to democracy and the right to stand your ground.

Nice lyrics – it would sound great set to Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1


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