Preserving Historical Truth

A lefty says we caused WW2, reminding us to nail the truth about the liberation of Iraq before the lefties lock in their distortion of that too.

The New York Sun on the WW2 book (my ellipsis):

…is an attempt at “countering the received myth of the good war” with (the author’s) “own myth of the bad war.”

And on Iraq:

It is a reminder that the struggle for a clear view of war and history is a never-ending quest, a point President Bush clearly comprehends.

While the Democrats have endlessly alleged that the war was premised on a lie, Mr. Bush marked the anniversary yesterday by underscoring the profundity of the evil our GIs encountered.

They, Mr. Bush said, “uncovered children’s prisons, and torture chambers, and rape rooms where Iraqi women were violated in front of their families. They found videos showing regime thugs mutilating Iraqis deemed disloyal to Saddam.

And across the Iraqi countryside they uncovered mass graves of thousands executed by the regime.”

The president’s remarks followed the release by the Pentagon last week of its new report analyzing 600,000 captured documents from Iraq to see what light they might shed on Saddam Hussein’s links to international terrorism…

The hardliners were right, after all. Saddam Hussein was a terror master, and he worked with international Jihad, including Al Qaeda affiliates, throughout the 1990s.

We’re winnning in Iraq, but – as after WW2 – must leave garrisons to secure the freedoms purchased in blood and treasure.

And we must preserve the truth of this great deed for posterity.


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