Network Solution’s Easter Egg For Islamism

Network Solutions, the oldest domain name registration company, has marked Easter by censoring one of its customers for potentially being beastly to Islamists. We should thank them for exposing this vulnerability – then deep six them.

This story is hat tip LGF.

The censoree is the Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who is planning to post a 15 minute video that apparently suggests Islamists are prone to oppression of their women and kids, and killing the rest of us.

Wilders’ site is registered with and (I think) hosted by Network Solutions and you can see it here. As at 16:23 GMT, it says:

This site has been suspended while Network Solutions is investigating whether the site’s content is in violation of the Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy. Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation.

That’s a reminder that the Internet is a very fragile vehicle for free speech, since terrorists can infiltrate, bribe, or cow the people we pay to register and host our domains.

There’s some safety in numbers – it’s harder for them to shut down a multi-user service such as WordPress or Blogspot. But not impossible.

Here’s a good suggestion from an LGF commenter (comment #67):

If Wilders wants to distribute the film on the net, then he is going to have to pack it up and stick it up on hosting sites like rapidshare and torrent the thing and let people spread it for him sub rosa.

As an alternate route, I’ve asked Network Solutions to tell me how I can transfer out the domains I have with them to a free-er speech nation (maybe Australia), and will report their reply.

UPDATE 1 – March 24: Network Solutions hosts the official Hizbollah site

This from some excellent sleuthing by Flanders Fields – if you want to verify it, go the Network Solutions, select the Domain Names tab, click WHOIS Search, then enter You’ll see:

c/o Network Solutions
VA 20172-0447

Administrative Contact
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
VA 20172-0447

Technical Contact
Network Solutions, LLC.
customerservice@networksolutions.com13861 Sunrise Valley Drive
VA 20171


Six countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, officially list Hezbollah, or its external security arm, as a terrorist organization

Whereas Geert Wilders is a democratically elected Member of Parliament for the Netherlands, the staunch NATO member fighting alongside us in Afghanistan.

So Network Solutions has designated itself to be an arm of a terrorist organization.

UPDATE 2 – March 24: Here’s the terror enablers illiterate reply to my email asking how how I pull my domains off them.

Thank you for contacting Network Solutions. We are committed to creating the best customer experience possible. One of the first ways we can demonstrate our commitment to this goal is to quickly and efficiently handle your recent request.

With regard to your concern, please be advised our Corporate Department is already tasked to handle the issue surrounding the domain name FITNATHEMOVIE.COM.

So Network Solutions is not only a terror-enabler, it splits infinitives.


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