I’m British physicist turned entrepreneur, currently based in Europe (southern Med and London). I’ve divided my career between the US & the UK and care a lot about them both.


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  1. watchdog says:

    The British System seems increasing plagued by regulation of the minute in order to achieve social goals. For example I noticed a workman struggling to cutting difficult branches with a scythe. I enquired why he did not have better tools and was informed that it was not possible for him as he had not received his certificate in the use of the electrical equipment. He could not use a ladder to access the higher branches as this particular wall qualified for scaffolding only and the cutting of vegetation was not thought worth investing in the cost of scaffolding. He then had to use a scythe.

  2. Marshall says:

    I recommend you watch this video…

    Why not embed it up on your website, if you value freedom.

  3. Sean says:

    Keep up the entertainment! Your descriptions of the country we live in (England) are hilarious and I guess there are still a few Americans who believe it. Our best guess is that you packed your china in some copies of the “Daily Mail” twenty years ago and are still using that as source material.

  4. gandalf says:


    Not quite – I built 2 successful UK businesses in the past 20 years.

    I’m guessing from your ad hominem style that you’re a statist, so you can take comfort that my taxes financed your wonderful England.

    Note for US readers: the Daily Mail newspaper addresses the Brit equivalent of the US middle class – conventional folks who are married, heterosexual, working and earning around the average wage.

    Thus Brit lefties – that includes their entire elite – regard its readers as beneath argument and hence the ad hominem reference here.

  5. Peace and equality says:

    You support the use of depleted uraniumum in weaponry.

    You either support mass murder and mutilation or you dwell in your ignorance.

    Depleted uranium has a density wich helps it to penetrate thick armore.
    It is very radioactive and thus creates an enourmous hazard to your health.

    To demonstrate this you should buy a DU bullet and keep is in our pocket for a month.

    If want to know what will happen to you please read the following thurrougly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiation_poisoning

    • BUSHFORLIFE says:

      I do have a gun and i gotta say that’s correct.
      I shot a deer once and the meat gave dog leukemia.
      He’s dead now. Guess youre right. It’s a horrible type o’ bullet.
      Since my dog died i use a tungsten-carbon mixture, it works way better and it’s hella light, i can easily carry double the amount of ammo with no trouble.

      I did vote for Bush but i think there are way better republicans out there to be president. Mccain was just too old.

      Guess that’ll be it.

  6. madamgeeky says:

    FYI, there is a video hub on depleted uranium here:

    Just launched this week.

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