Races and Religions Do Differ Genetically (2)

November 20, 2007

The Liberal lie that we’re all genetically equal under the skin justifies a reasonable end by dishonest means – in this case the end is to avoid a repetition of the Holocaust.

This lie has not prevented further race-based slaughters, of the Tutsis by the Hutus, the Tibetans by the Chinese, and of course non-Muslims by Muslims in our countries, Africa, and Asia.

Racial and religious differences are to be expected, as peoples adapt to their local physical environment and religiously-sanctioned breeding habits lock in good and bad traits. Since much human behavior is hardwired, the traits are mental as well as physical.

Thus Islamic incompetence and violence probably results from 1200 years of cousin marriage, and the Japanese tendency to brutality from the high level of the MOAO gene in that isolated population.

As you’d expect, the Jewish people also have strong genetic uniquenesses – good and bad – here’s a Jewish woman:

…when my sister discovered a lump in her breast five years ago and diagnosed with breast cancer, a genetic test discovered a variation of the BRCA2 gene, one of three forms of this cancer that target Jews almost exclusively. While the general female population faces a 10% possibility of developing breast or ovarian cancer, the lifetime risk with one of these mutations may rise to 80%.

Most geneticists believe that these three mutations trace to Jews who lived 1,000 or more years ago when European Jewry numbered less than 25,000 people.

While the first sketch of the human genome, unveiled in 2001, underscored that humans are more alike than different, the sequencing of the entire genome has ushered in a more precarious era. Geneticists are identifying chunks of DNA, known as haplotypes, and the results of their research stretches the limits of acceptable public discourse.

HapMaps suggest that humanity is better understood as a collection of overlapping but identifiable populations that, remarkably, mirror traditional racial and ethnic groupings. Genetic blocks linked to human characteristics, including body type, behavior, skill sets, and brain architecture, vary among ancestral populations.

Harmful mutated genes usually disappear because people who carry them die at earlier ages or have difficulty finding mates. Why haven’t the deadliest genes passed out of the Jewish gene pool, eradicated by natural selection?

Three scientists — Henry Harpending and Jason Hardy of the University of Utah and Gregory Cochran — have offered a fascinating and scientifically testable theory suggesting that Jews may be compensated by nature for suffering diseases because the genes that partly cause them are linked directly or indirectly to intelligence.

These scientists, all Christians, were intrigued by the remarkable success of Jews — insert Jewish doctor or lawyer joke here — and their startlingly high scores on IQ tests, which almost all scientists believe are heavily influenced by genetics. Ashkenazi Jews average between 107 and 115, significantly higher than the world average of 100.

Messrs. Harpending, Hardy, and Cochran identified 19 “Jewish diseases,” including Tay Sachs, Gaucher, and breast cancer, that affect the enzyme pathways which influence neurological and brain development. They suggest that single variations of a disease gene may juice the brain while two may cause a crippling disease. And like a feedback loop, Jewish nurture may have reinforced Jewish nature.

So, all men may be created equal, but different races differ in smartness, creativity, physical competence, and their susceptibility to disease.