Free Speech, UN Style

March 29, 2008

The UN, unsurprisingly, thinks free speech is bad if it offends murderers – presumably because about half of its member nations are run by murderers.

Benjamin Franklin observed that stopping inflammatory speech might sometimes be a good thing, but that unfortunately no human being could be trusted with this authority. Hence the Frirst amendment.

The publication of the Fitna movie provides a textbook example.

Here’s how Islamist censors reacted to Liveleak’s hosting the video:

Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed reports from certain corners of the British media that could directly lead to the harm of some of our staff, has been left with no other choice but to remove Fitna from our servers.

This is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net but we have to place the safety and well being of our staff above all else. We would like to thank the thousands of people, from all backgrounds and religions, who gave us their support. They realised is a vehicle for many opinions and not just for the support of one.

Perhaps there is still hope that this situation may produce a discussion that could benefit and educate all of us as to how we can accept one anothers culture.

We stood for what we believe in, the ability to be heard, but in the end the price was too high.

The UN head, appropriately named Mr Ban stands shoulder to shoulder with the Islamists:

“There is no justification for hate speech or incitement to violence,” Ban said in a statement. “The right of free expression is not at stake here.”…”Freedom must always be accompanied by social responsibility,” Ban said.

“We must also recognize that the real fault line is not between Muslim and Western societies, as some would have us believe, but between small minorities of extremists, on different sides, with a vested interest in stirring hostility and conflict,” Ban said.

Of course there’s no Western “small minority” that saws captives heads off, flies planes into buildings, executes apostates, bombs trains, threatens critics with death, and brutalizes women.

There’s just one: Islamists.

Aided and abetted in their depravity by Mr Ban and his like.


Avoid Google

February 20, 2008

Google has ceased to censor news about UN corruption. That good, but it’s a reminder that it’s not just the MSM that censors, and the distortion is not just to airbrush terrorists and harm the US.

Google, up to it’s evil tricks:

Google News quietly reinstated Tuesday the articles of a news service that routinely exposes U.N. corruption, a day after ran a story about the Internet giant’s decision to remove Inner City Press from its search engine…

Someone complained to Google early this month that Inner City Press was a one-man operation, violating the Google News ground rule that news organizations listed must have two or more employees, according to Gabriel Stricker, a Google spokesman.

Lee, who insists his organization has appropriate staff, believes someone within the U.N. pressured Google to drop him. U.N. spokesman David Morrison called the allegations preposterous.

Google said the “de-listing” was due to a misunderstanding and agreed to restore Inner City Press stories to the Google News service.

The reaction to the de-listing, however temporary, had been furious. The non-profit Government Accountability Project lambasted the company, calling Inner City Press “the most effective and important media organization for U.N. whistleblowers”.

In fact the UN fights tooth and nail to hide its corruption from the (mostly US) people that pay for it. It perpetrated the biggest fraud in history and took no responsibility for it, and needs to hide that to maintain the fat-cat lifestyles of its corrupt secretariat

Anyway, thanks to Fox News, this censorship was stopped, but there’ll be plenty more they’ll be blocking, including:

1. Science refuting man-made global warming.

2. Negative stories about rich and/or powerful dictatorships – China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia.

3. Science undermining Darwinism.

4. Science showing differences between sexes, nations, and religions.

5. Plus of course anything confirming that the US has won in Iraq, or that the current president is an honest and competent man.

The solution is to use other search engines – I use Ask, but there are plenty of others.

And I’ve added The Inner City Press to the DU blogroll.

Tear Down That Wall!

January 23, 2008

It turns out the population of Hamastan is walled in by Egypt as well as Israel. The difference is Egypt is providing Hamastan with the weapons it needs to kill Israelis.

That wall:

Palestinian gunmen affiliated with different organizations set off several explosive devices on Tuesday night along the concrete wall dividing the Palestinian and Egyptian Rafah, after the crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip were closed off. Thousands of Gaza’s residents began pouring into the Sinai Peninsula early Wednesday through the breach created in the wall. Shortly afterwards, Egyptian authorities were forced to open the border. Some 350,000 people had reportedly crossed into Sinai by the afternoon hours…

IDF officials fear that the weapon smuggling through the Egyptian border into the Strip, which takes place almost without any disturbance, will now be intensified…
The United Nations Security Council met in an emergency session Tuesday evening in an attempt to pass a resolution which would condemn the Israeli siege and the damage caused to the electricity production in the Strip…

The United Nations Security Council met in an emergency session Tuesday evening in an attempt to pass a resolution which would condemn the Israeli siege and the damage caused to the electricity production in the Strip.

Let’s see now. The Gaza government rockets Israeli civilians, and the Israelis respond by walling off the Gazitans and cutting back the electricity they provide them.

The Egyptians also wall off the Gazitans, but provide them with the wherewithal to kill the Israelis.

Hence the UN and Rice line up to condemn the Iaraelis.

If Sanctions Don’t Hurt, They Don’t Work

November 5, 2007

Unless you’re the World Bank that is – it plans to ship almost $1 billion to the Mullahs for “humanitarian and development purposes”. That’ll speed up their nuke program nicely.

The World Bank is defying requests from an influential congressman to stall nearly $900 million in loans to Iran.

Earlier this year, the president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, who before taking that office served in a top Bush administration foreign policy post, declined a privately made request from Rep. Mark Kirk, a Republican from Illinois, to suspend the loans. World Bank spokesmen told The New York Sun that the bank will go ahead with the loans.

A spokesman for the World Bank, who asked that his name not be used, yesterday said, “President Zoellick does not comment on private conversations.”

The spokesman said that the loans to were not forbidden by the two U.N. Security Council sanctions already imposed on Iran. “The bank adheres to the requirements of UN Sanctions frameworks. In relation to, the Security Council resolutions exempt activities by international financial institutions for humanitarian and development.

Back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, the UN and its fellow travelers promoted disinvestment from South Africa, for example:

University of California…authorized the withdrawal of three billion dollars worth of investments from the apartheid state.

The “apartheid state” included of course all the people that lived there, including the blacks who were now without jobs. The result was devastation of the South African economy – but that was OK because:

The disinvestment campaign, after being realized in federal legislation enacted in 1986 by the United States…is credited as pressuring the South African Government to embark on negotiations ultimately leading to the dismantling of the apartheid system.

The apartheid regime was less obnoxious than the modern Fear States of Iran – the Mullahs oppress most Iranian men and all Iranian women, a larger percentage than the blacks under apartheid. Plus the South Africans, although they had nukes, weren’t committed to using them on a neighbor.

So if the World Bank really wants to help the oppressed Iranians, and avert the upcoming MidEast nuclear war, it must pull the plug on all aid to the Mullahs.

If it won’t do that, the US should pull out of this rotten institution.

Making The UN Accountable

October 29, 2007

The Islamic proliferater ElBaradi says he lacks certain knowledge of the Mullahs’ nuke program. However that Fear State will only provide that certainty by detonating a weapon – possibly over Israel. Mossad should let this guy know that if that happens, they’ll whack him.

Speaking on CNN on Sunday, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, pointedly asked the Bush administration to share any evidence of intended weaponization…

“What we have seen in the past is certain procurement that has not been reported to us. There are experiments. And that is where we are working now with Iran to clarify the past and the present,” Mr. ElBaradei, the 2005 Nobel peace laureate, said on CNN’s “Late Edition.” “But I have not received any information that there is a complete active nuclear weapons program going on right now.”

But then he wouldn’t get information because:

In 2006, the chief weapons inspector for Iran resigned in protest after Mr. ElBaradei removed him from his post, responding to complaints from the Iranians.

Head shot.

Carnival Of The Oxymorons

October 25, 2007

The term “International Community” is an oxymoron, and is used to mean the United Nations – of course that’s an oxymoron too.

The two oxymorons are upset about the Israelis snooping on Hezbollah:

Lebanese troops opened fire Thursday on IAF warplanes flying low over southern Lebanon, but no hits were reported, Lebanese officials said…

It was the first time Lebanese troops had opened fire on Israeli aircraft since the August 14, 2006 cease-fire that ended the Second Lebanon War…

Since the cease-fire, the IAF has conducted regular low-altitude flyovers over southern Lebanon, a tactic that has sparked protests from Arab nations and the international community.

The UN has condemned Israel’s flyovers. In November 2006, the UNIFIL peacekeeping force’s chief liaison officer, Col. Alexan Lalan, told The Jerusalem Post that the daily IAF flyovers were strengthening Hizbullah and creating new militants for the Shi’ite group.

“The flyovers harm the credibility of UNIFIL, the credibility of the LAF and the credibility of the state of Lebanon,” Lalan said in a phone interview from his office in the southern Lebanese town of Naqoura.

Colonel Lalan is no doubt French, since that the nation leads the UNIFIL team vigilantly scanning the skies to make sure Hezbollah isn’t strengthened. But they know it is:

4/18/2007. Washington agreed with a recent report by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asserting “serious breaches” of the arms embargo imposed under a UN Security Council resolution which ended last year’s war between Israel and Hezbollah.

“It is clear in (Ban’s) judgment, and it is clear in our own independent (judgment) that Hezbollah continues to rearm and we can see no other source for such assistance than Syria or Iran,” said Welch, the top State Department official for the Middle East.

Which reminds us of another oxymoron: “Truthful Frenchman”.

Buying Time For Genocide

October 22, 2007

The UN’s nuclear watchdog wants us to give the Mullahs at least 3 years to get their bomb ready. He’s a liar, so it would be prudent to attack them in the next year.

Iran would need three to eight years to produce a nuclear bomb, the head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog said in an interview published on Monday…

“I cannot judge their intentions, but supposing that Iran does intend to acquire a nuclear bomb, it would need between another three and eight years to succeed,” Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), told France’s Le Monde newspaper. “I want to get people away from the idea that Iran will be a threat from tomorrow, and that we are faced right now with the issue of whether Iran should be bombed or allowed to have the bomb,” the Nobel peace prize winner said.

“All the intelligence services agree on that,” he said.

ElBaradei said force should be used only when all diplomatic options have failed, adding there was plenty of time for diplomacy, sanctions, dialogue and incentives to bear fruit.

ElBaradei is an Egyptian who has never missed an opportunity to harm Israel and the US, and supports Islamic acquisition of nukes.

In fact the Mullahs have everything they need to destroy Israel barring enriched Uranium or Plutonium. They have working delivery platforms, a robust (Chinese) warhead design, operational explosive lensing (as used in their EFPs), and a triconic warhead. All they need is to slot the fissile material in, and there goes 4 million Jews.

The Mullahs would have to be extraordinarily incompetent not to be within 18 months of achieving that.