Vote McCain

After weighing the matter for several months, that’s our recommendation to US voters.


Is a socialist, like the bunch currently running the UK. Socialists always a) impoverish the nations they govern, and b) repress and kill their citizens as a matter of principle. Thus all genocides have been committed by socialist regimes, although of course not all socialist regimes are genocidal.

On the impoverishment front, socialists always raise taxes – that’s because they believe they can spend your money more wisely than you can. My marginal tax rate of 50% in Clinton’s US fell to 40% under Bush.

Socialists repress and kill people because they think the state more important than the individual. Consider the last US socialist president:

Bill Clinton and his administration incinerated children at Waco, undertook the policy of “extraordinary rendition,” used a grand jury investigation to intimidate journalists at The American Spectator, deported Elian Gonzalez to communist Cuba, and signed the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which restricts the habeas corpus rights of American citizens.

By contrast, the Bush administration has confined itself to imprisoning and killing foreigners who kill Americans.

Thus Obama will make Americans less rich and less free, and in time they will come to hate him as the Brits now hate their socialist rulers – here’s what happened this week:

The scale of Labour’s humiliating result in the Henley by-election which saw them come fifth with only three per cent of the vote has been blamed on Harriet Harman, the party’s deputy leader.

Her decision to announce a new Equalities Bill which positively discriminates against men was cited as a reason why some of the “white working class” did not even consider voting Labour…

The Conservatives easily held the seat…with a majority of 10,116. But Labour only came fifth, behind the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, and the BNP, with just 1,066 votes.

Obama’s personal failings pale beside his idealogical flaw. However his personal weakness will make America an easy prey for its wily enemies.

We have seen his many wriggles as he seeks to please America-haters and patriots, pro- and anti-abortion groups, gun owners and gun banners, and so on. But that lack of principle is common in second-rate politicians.

More serious is his dishonesty in represenating himself as an American Black man.

America properly accords special rights to its black citizens, because their ancestors were enslaved, resulting in cultural and genetic damage to their descendants.

But Obama’s father was a free Kenyan and his mother a white American, so he’s no more deserving of special treatment than any other American. America’s enemies will note this weak opportunism, and manipulate it.

So Obama will leave his nation poorer, less free, defeated, and without allies.


McCain’s virtues and his weaknesses balance. He’s a remarkable individual – only an extraordinarily self-confident and brave person could have withstood 5 years of torture (including the breaking off of his teeth at the gum line that gives him the lopsided smile mocked by ignorant Dems).

But he’s lived his life in hierarchical institutions – the military and the senate, so tends to socialism. Hence his advocation of open borders, his law that limits free speech (fortunately just struck down by the Supremes), and his plan greatly to increase power and gas prices with a carbon tax (AKA Cap and Trade).

And, since he’s a determined man, he’ll do what he says, adding perhaps 10 million illegal immigrants to the voting roles and tanking the US economy.

But he won’t allow the US to be defeated, and understands that US security requires it to become self-sufficient in energy (which it easily and quickly can).

He’ll also stand by America’s client-allies, notably the Iraqis and Israelis. However he won’t be an easy master- he’ll unrelentingly force them to toe his line.

So being a US ally with McCain in power will be risky, but not suicidal.

Thus under a president McCain America will continue to lead the world, and his successors can repair the economic damage he inflicts.

But after two Obama terms, the US will be just another socialist mess, scrapping on equal terms with its energy suppliers and emerging Eastern masters.

2 Responses to Vote McCain

  1. mccain 2005 energy bill…

    After weighing the matter for several months that’s our recommendation to US voters.ObamaIs a […]…

  2. Peace and equality says:

    To say taxes were lowered under the Bush-administration is wrong.

    Taxes for people with a certain high income taxes where indeed lowered. However taxes were raised for the people with a lower income.

    This results in making the richer people even more rich and the poor people poorer. This results in wider split between poor and rich.

    This model is not sustainable and has been prooven in countless countries and under various sorts of regimes.

    You twist the truth to make it your own.
    Either you are in denial or you prefer to be small minded to cope with the things that happen on this world on a everyday basis.

    Or you are just plain stupid and need study the facts before you state them.

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