The Case Against Iran

August 31, 2006

A commenter on an earlier post questions whether the Mullahs really mean to kill off the Israelis. Here’s the evidence.

1. The Mullahs treat 34 million Iranians as subhuman

That’s Iranian women – mothers, wives, sisters and daughters – who they execute for “Crimes Against Chastity”. This documentary is a dramatized account of the Mullahs’ hanging of a kid for allegedly having sex prior to marriage.

Several Iranians interviewed thought the hanging wrong because the girl was framed and at 16 should not have been executed.

Apparently the Mullahs don’t execute people aged under 18, but in this case the 52 year old who’d abused the girl, and the judge who tried the case both lied about her age. The program ends with a declaration of progress – two girls, one aged 13 and one 17 just had had their death sentences commuted – to life imprisonment!

Of course the age of the victim is irrelevant – the execution of any person (they hang homosexuals too) for exercising a sexual choice is a crime against humanity. It’s particularly heinous because it’s an attack by the physically stronger men on the women that bear and raise their children.

If the Mullahs can do this, they’ll use nukes as soon as they have them.

2. Iranian males are desensitized to brutality

Under the Mullahs, all executions are conducted in town squares using a crane to hang the victim in front of a large audience.

This method of execution is horrible.

Instead of a fall through a trapdoor and immediate death by broken neck, the victim slowly strangles – lighter people take much longer than heavier. Their hands and feet are tied, so they’ll wriggle and twist in a desperate but futile attempt to avoid asphyxiation. They can’t cry out because they can’t breath. After their airway is fully crushed, they’ll take about 5 minutes to die. Sometime during this process they’ll lose control of their bowels and bladders.

While all this is going on, the crane operator swings the jib of his crane, so all of the audience get good views of the agonized, defiled, dripping, struggling, dying victim.

This is desensitization:

…a method to reduce or eliminate an organism’s negative reaction to a substance or stimulus.

The Iranian spectators are being conditioned to disregard the most basic human instincts: pity, empathy, and protection of the weak. So conditioned, they’ll cheer the slaughter of every Israeli man, woman and child.

3. The Mullahs have said they’ll destroy Israel

The Mullahs are much clearer about their plan to kill Jews than Hitler was before WW2 – here’s his most explicit speech from January 30th, 1939:

“Europe cannot find peace until the Jewish question has been solved…

In the course of my life I have very often been a prophet and have usually been ridiculed for it. … Today I will once more be a prophet: if the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshivization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.”

Note his threat is conditional (“if the…Jewish financiers”) and passive (“the result will be”). In spite of that qualified & passive threat he went on to kill 6 million Jews

By contrast, the Iranian leadership has said plainly that Iran intends to wipe Israel off the map, and is busily acquiring the means to do so.

These three reasons are why the IDF will attack Iran, and why the US is honor bound to help – not just as an ally but as the last, best hope for humanity.

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All The President’s Betrayers

August 30, 2006

The President delegates – a very effective style that Reagan used. But it only works if the manager has a keen sense of the moral qualities of his subordinates, and emerging detail of the Wilson/Plame affair shows the President trusting flawed people. He may still be doing that.

Here’s the latest story (my ellipsis) on who blew the cover of CIA desk-jockey Plame – I’d caution it isn’t confirmed:

…the Bush official who first disclosed Ms. Plame’s identity was none other than former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.According to a new book …Mr. Armitage was Mr. Novak’s primary source for his now famous column of July 14, 2003, that first publicly revealed Ms. Plame’s CIA pedigree.

In other words, the leaker wasn’t Karl Rove or Scooter Libby or anyone else in the White House who has been accused of running a conspiracy against Ms. Plame as revenge for her husband Joe Wilson’s false accusations against the White House’s case for war with Iraq.

Mr. Armitage…was part of Colin Powell’s team at State and well known as an internal Administration opponent of the “neo-cons” who supported the ouster of Saddam Hussein. The book alleges that Mr. Armitage knew as early as October 2003 that he was Mr. Novak’s prime source, yet he kept quiet about it even as his colleagues in the Administration were dragged through years of criminal investigation and media accusations as the possible leaker.

Mr. Armitage never did tell the White House or his boss, the President, that he was the leaker. Instead, in October 2003 he told Mr. Powell, who told the State Department general counsel, who in turn told the Justice Department but gave the White House Counsel only the sketchiest overview of what he’d learned and didn’t mention Mr. Armitage’s name. So while Mr. Fitzgerald (the Special Prosecutor) presumably knew when he began his probe two months later that Mr. Armitage was Mr. Novak’s source, the President himself was apparently kept in the dark…

At a minimum, there appears to be a serious question of disloyalty here. By keeping silent, Messrs. Powell and Armitage let the President take political heat for the case, while also letting Mr. Rove, Mr. Libby and other White House officials twist in the wind for more than two years. We also know that it was the folks in Mr. Powell’s shop–including his former chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson and intelligence officer Carl Ford Jr.–who did so much to trash John Bolton’s nomination to be Ambassador to the U.N. in 2005.

If this is true, Powell is a dishonest and disloyal creature – and since leaving the administration he’s confirmed that:

In 35 years of service as a soldier, Colin Powell earned a reputation as the quintessential disciplined warrior. As secretary of state in President Bush’s first term, Powell was widely seen as a disciplined, moderate — and loyal — voice for the administration. Now out of government service, Powell is airing openly his disappointments and frustration on everything from the invasion of Iraq to the federal response to Hurricane Katrina.

I’d never have trusted Powell – his speech, phrasing, and body language are way too controlled and yet he presents himself as a simple soldier.

And I have the same feelings of instinctive distrust towards Powell’s successor, Ms Rice.

The New Israel

August 29, 2006

As Israelis come to terms with the reality that Iran and the Palestinians seek their complete destruction, their nation will change dramatically. This post suggests how, and a subsequent post suggests how the new nation will defeat its 8 major enemies.

Israelis are now seeking new leadership to defeat the existential threat. The IDF is using its occupation of Southern Lebanon (granted by the incompetent UN) to deconstruct Hizbollah’s defenses and weapons, and to design and test the tactics, weapons and training needed to clean it out.

Less obvious changes are happening.

A Move To Offense

Faced with extinction, with no reliable allies (if the Dems get control), with a tiny land area, and all diplomatic options played out, Israel must take the fight to the enemy.

As in its past wars, it’ll use surprise in timing, weapons and tactics, so expect a period of apparently sincere Israeli diplomacy.

Abandonment of Palestinian Statehood

Expect the West Bank and Gaza to be progressively converted to sealed buffer zones policed by heavily armored internal security troops with their own air assets.

Dirty Tricks

Expect lots of these.

Israel has a Corruption Perception Index of 6.3 – better than Italy, but low for a democracy. That’s because it includes 1 million Arabs, who likely share Iraq’s CPI of 2.2. Correcting for that gives a non-Arab Israeli CPI of 7.1 – a high trust culture similar to Spain and Japan.

As the World Cup demonstrated, high trust cultures are at a disadvantage when competing with low trust culture in a rules-based framework – because in low trust societies, cheating is applauded. Pallywood and the recently exposed deceptions of the Western news agencies are classic low trust behavior.

So expect Israel to adopt a low trust war-fighting stance – rigged news photos and reports, deniable military operations, the taking of hostages, and disregard for the Geneva Conventions.

Third Strike

We survived the Cold War because of second strike – both sides were able to destroy their enemy after receiving a full first strike.

But Israel has more than one enemy. It faces not just Iran, but also its nuclear-armed supporter Russia and maybe – based on recent behavior – France. Neither of these is likely to nuke Israel directly, but either could neutralize its second-strike force with satellite tracking, ASW, and hunter-killer subs.

These indirect enemies are much larger and richer than Israel, but both are highly centralized and would suffer enormously from the destruction of their capital cities. The capability to do this to such indirect combatants can be termed third strike.

An Israeli third strike capability could use Jericho 3 IRBMs – each can deliver an 0.4 Megaton warhead on Moscow or Paris.

Weapons Self Sufficiency

It’s possible the US denied Israel weapons and/or spares in the recent conflict to force it to comply with the Franco/US UN resolution – we know for sure that State is investigating Israel’s use of weapons used routinely by US forces.

A nation facing destruction can’t afford this second-guessing, so going forward expect Israel to deploy only weapons it sources itself. That could be a problem when it comes to replace its F15Is and F16Is in 10 years, but by then either Israel or its enemies will be gone.

For this reason, I think it unlikely that Israel will deploy the THEL short-range missile defense. Plus of course it’s defensive.

Energy Independence

So far as I can make out, Israel’s energy comes from imported coal and oil. Since the coming wars are likely to make oil a scarce commodity and risk the loss of ports, expect a crash program to build nuclear power plants.

Scared Russians

August 28, 2006

The Russian struggle to protect Iran’s nukes has become desperate.

As previously noted, the US can destroy the Iranian nuclear program with no collateral damage and no risk to American lives with a few dozen Trident missiles tipped with non-nuclear bunker busters.

Building and fitting the warheads will cost under $100 million. Fellow-travelers in Congress have tried to block the work, so it’ll be being run as a Black program.

The Russians are scared (my ellipsis and emphasis):

…in…Fairbanks, Rumsfeld met with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Ivanov. They discussed the situation in the Middle East and in Afghanistan as well as Russian concern about an announced U.S. plan to remove nuclear warheads from some Trident long-range missiles aboard submarines and replace them with conventional warheads for potential use on short notice against terrorist targets.

“I would like to stress this point: These are preliminary (U.S.) plans and for sure these plans raise Russian concern,” Ivanov said during a joint news conference with Rumsfeld… “There can be different solutions” to the problem, such as using cruise missiles in that role, he added.

I bet that made SecDef chortle – Russia wants the US only to use weapons they can shoot down! The Tor M1 system Ivanov is installing in Iran right now has this capability (my emphasis):

Kill probabilities for later versions are quoted as:
0.92-0.95 against aircraft
0.80-0.96 against helicopters
0.60-0.90 against cruise missiles (with an effective range of around…3 miles
0.70-0.90 against precision munitions (LGBs, glide bombs, etc.)
0.90 against UAVs

I hope the Tridents are ready soon – if the Dems control congress after November, the Israelis will have to do the job themselves. With nukes.

Sharia Law

August 28, 2006

On August 19, Muslims marched from from London’s Edgware Road station, where one year earlier their co-religionists committed mass murder. The marchers demanded sharia law, and now a brave woman tells us exactly what that is.

This story is via LGF, and involves two sources that I’d not trust to tell the time – the BBC and Guardian – proving that flowers can grow in ordure.

The woman producer of a BBC documentary on the Mullah’s killing of a kid tells how she traveled to Iran and collected video and interviews. She risked the torture, rape and murder Iranian cops inflict on western women.

Her story is here, and includes these details of sharia law:

Under sharia law, the age of criminal responsibility
for a girl is nine (for boys it is 15). A girl of nine can be tried and sentenced in the same way as a man of 40.

According to sharia law, execution for sex outside marriage should be by stoning, but shortly after the revolution, the Iranian authorities took to hanging people from cranes no matter what the crime.

In Britain, the standard of proof needed for conviction is “beyond reasonable doubt”. In sharia law it is “the knowledge of the judge”.

Blair’s government has refused to criminalize the organization that demands this barbarism, so its supporters can march through London at their pleasure. But hopefully I’ll encounter them on my next visit.

The Eight Enemies Of Israel

August 27, 2006

Israelis are realists, and will act on a rational calculation of those seeking their nation’s destruction. Here’s my guess of their conclusions – tomorrow I’ll suggest how it may destroy or undermine these enemies.

This list is ranked by the level of the threat to Israel’s existence, with the most serious first.

Enemy 1: Oil

Without the billions of dollars oil brings into the treasuries of Israel’s enemies, they wouldn’t be able to build nukes, buy fancy weapons, or sustain significant populations.

Enemy 2: Russia

Without Russia, Israel would be safe. Russia (and its Soviet predecessor) has armed Israel’s enemies since the 1970s, and supplied them with intelligence and satellite intell since 1973. It’s said to have nukes targeting Israel.

It supplied Iran, Syria and Hizbollah with an enormous modern arsenal, including its best anti-tank missiles.

Russia is blocking UN sanctions to stop the Mullahs building their bomb, and defending the bomb manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art air defenses, which may be good enough to take down Israel’s second-strike cruse missiles.

Enemy 3: Iran

Most would put Iran top of this list, but without oil dollars and Russian weapons Iran would be just another MidEast dump.

Enemy 4: Syria

Syria is the enemy next door, armed to the teeth with Russian weapons paid for by Iranian oil dollars. It’s the master of Hizbollah, providing it with all of its weapons and logistics, plus support bases outside of Lebanon.

Syria has three brigades of surface-to-surface missiles, capable of hitting any target in Israel and likely tipped with highly toxic Sarin, VX gas, mustard gas, anthrax, botulinum toxin, and Ricin. It’s said to have agreed to hide Iranian nuclear materials in the (unlikely) event of UN sanctions.

Enemy 5: The Western MSM

The Western MSM distorts its news coverage to limit Israel’s ability to defend itself. The MSM uses selective reporting, forgery, staging and simple dishonesty. A few thousand individuals, some local Muslims but most based in Western cities – notably London, Paris and New York – are responsible for the distortion. Their most recent success was to shut down Israel’s campaign in Lebanon.

Enemy 6: The UN

In all of Israel’s wars, the UN forced it to cease operations before its forces had won decisive victories, so guaranteeing future wars. UN “peacekeepers” stepped out the way when Israel’s enemies were ready to mount invasions and were complicit in terror attacks on Israel. In the Lebanese conflict, the UN published daily details of Israeli troop movements – but not those of Hizbollah.

Enemy 7: The US State Department and British Foreign Office

Both institutions are “Arabist”, and in the recent conflict supplied state-of-the-art equipment to Hizbollah, and investigated Israel’s’ use of cluster bombs. Politicians notionally control both organizations, but this provides a humorous primer on how state employees control their political masters.

Enemy 8: Pakistan

The head of Pakistan’s nuke program gave the Mullahs the means to wipe out Israel. The Pakistani government did not sanction him, and is probably providing technical support for the Iranian centrifuge program.

The Brit Media, Victory, and Defeat

August 27, 2006

This is not the Brit Media’s finest hour – it’s crowing, incorrectly, that Israel just lost a war and hasn’t noticed a defeat of the British Army.

Here’s the start of the Brit defeat:

23 August. The first British camp to be handed to the Iraqis was looted almost bare within days of the Army’s departure. Most items that could be removed were taken, including air conditioning units, water filtration systems, chairs, bedding and kitchen utensils.

The transfer last month was widely heralded as a signal that Iraq would soon be ready to run itself.

When the commander of British forces in south-east Iraq, Brig James Everard, discussed the matter with the province’s governor he was told that the camp had “largely gone”.

British officers privately say they blame the governor for much of the looting and believe some of the air conditioning units are now in his private office.

Rather than shelling the crap out of this governor’s “private office”, the Brits kept running (my emphasis):

26 August. Thousands of jubilant Iraqis looted the British military base in Amarah yesterday, only a day after the Army pulled out of the camp. Everything from doors and window frames to corrugated roofing and metal pipes was pillaged from Camp Abu Naji, previously Britain’s only permanent base in Maysan province.

Hundreds gathered around the local offices of Moqtada al-Sadr, the radical Shia cleric whose followers had fired 281 mortar rounds and rockets at the camp, to offer their congratulations. A loudspeaker repeatedly broadcast the triumphant message: “This is the first Iraqi city that has kicked out the occupiers.”

A memorial to the 22 British soldiers killed in Maysan since the invasion of March 2003 had already been removed and is to be re-erected at the British military camp in Basra airport.

This is not to mock the brave men who fought and the 22 who died to free these wretches, but to note that leaving the enemy in possession of the battlefield is termed “defeat” and so their sacrifices were for nothing. So it’s urgent the Brits learn what went wrong and fix it.

But rather than report this disaster, the London Times indulged in this gloating fantasy:

Israeli army morale shattered

The Israeli public are struggling to accept that the country’s security might now depend on whether a French-led United Nations peacekeeping force proves able to disarm Hezbollah.

The Times makes much of the public infighting going on in Israel. But the reporters are presumably kids who don’t know Israelis always have brutal self-examinations after their wars. In 1973 these led to Golda Meir’s resignation, and in 1982 400,000 Israelis rallied to protest the war. That’s what makes the IDF so effective. Unlike the Brits, Israelis know public institutions decay over time, and their weaknesses are only revealed in the pitiless light of the battlefield.

Plus, the Israelis didn’t lose – after killing 25% of Hizbollah’s battlefield strength they stopped fighting because a UN resolution told them to.

And The Times missed Annan’s confirmation that UN forces – French led or otherwise – won’t disarm Hizbollah.

If it’s capable of building a better fact base, The London Times should examine the real disaster that’s happened to its own nation’s army.